Our Libraries

Twelve government primary schools and their communities in Kenya are permanently changed thanks to the addition of a CLC library on their grounds. The beneficiary schools, located in towns and villages in the Nyeri area, are identified by our friends and partners at Mount Kenya Academy. The selected schools have up to 1000 preschool though standard 8 students each, but lack the resources to serve the student body. Prior to the gifted CLC libraries, the schools had no libraries, or even books for the students to read. Now students enjoy beautifully stocked libraries with skylights, glass windows, tables, chairs, and shelving. Kenyan students learn to read in English and Swahili, so we stock our libraries with books in both languages. English books are mostly acquired through book drives and donations, and are shipped from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We purchase books in Swahili in Kenya, and are proud to support both Kenyan and South African publishers.